1. Is the program approved by the Florida Board of Nursing?
    1. An approved program is a program that meets the requirement set by the Florida Board of Nursing.
    2. If the nursing program is not approved by the Florida Board of Nursing you will not be eligible for sitting the NCLEX RN or PN.
    3. You can verify if a program is approved by calling 1-850-488-0595 or visit
  2. If the school is a private for-profit, is it approved by the Commission of Independent Education?
    1. If a private school is not approved by the Commission of Independent Education, classes taken at the institution is not valuable and students will not be eligible to sit the NCLEX RN or PN.
    2. You can verify if a school is approved by the Commission of Independent Education by calling 1-888-224-6684 or visit
  3. Are the credits transferable?
    1. The inability to transfer credit is common in for profit nursing programs. This means if you decide to further your education at a different institution, they will not accept the course you have completed and you will most likely retake the course at the new institution.
    2. Ask the nursing school you are planning on attending about credit transfer, but most importantly ask the school  at which you will be continuing your education, to verify which schools credits are accepted.
  4. What is the retention rate?
    1. Retention rate is calculated by the number of students who return to the school the following year.
    2. This is important because it tells you your chances of completing the nursing program in the same school.
  5. What is the program’s National Council Examination (NCLEX) pass rate?
    1. The NCLEX is an examination that is taken prior to a RN or LPN license being issued which will enable you to practice as a nurse.  Receiving a nursing license is not a right it is a  priviledge.
    2. Pay close attention to the schools that have a high pass rate as with those who have a low pass rate because some nursing programs will approve one student to sit the boards, and if that student pass it will be calculated at 100% pass rate.
    3. You can verify and compare schools pass rate by visiting
  6. Is the school on any probationary plan?

1.    According to the Florida Board of Nursing “approved nursing education                                         programs that performed below the minimum standard for NCLEX passage                                 rates for two consecutive calendar years will be placed on probation.                                            Students can sit the  NCLEX if a school is on probation. However, if the pass                                rate does not increase within the two years, then the nursing program will                                    closed by the State.

  1. Is the school accredited?
    1. According to the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education accreditation is the process by which a nongovernmental organization reviews the process by which a nursing program is operated. The purpose of this kind of evaluation is to hold nursing programs accountable to the stakeholder (students, parent, and consumer) to ensure that the written mission, goals, and expected outcomes are accomplished through the curriculum and plan that are in place.
    2. While accreditation is not mandatory the Florida Board of Nursing
    3. According to the Florida Board of Nursing “Graduates of both approved and accredited nursing education programs are eligible to apply to the Florida Board of Nursing for licensure by examination.”
  2. What is the school’s exit policy?
    1. Almost all nursing programs require students to take an exam (exit exam) after the completion of all the courses.
    2. Most nursing programs will give students 2 – 3 chances to take the test. Ask the school what is their policy if you do not pass the exit exams.
    3. In most nursing programs, students who fail the exit 2 or 3 times will fail the entire nursing program and will not have their name sent to the Florida Board of Nursing to sit the NCLEX – RN or PN.
  3. Ask to see the school’s Hand book.
    1. School’s hand book has information regarding refund policy, add and drop time frame, grading and graduating policies, and other rules and regulation of the school.

The decision on which nursing school to attend is entirely yours, so make an educated selection based on the research you have done.  The following is list of crediable nursing programs.

University of Miami, Barry University, Broward College, Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, Miami Lakes, Sheridan Technical, Miami Dade College, Nova Southeastern University, Palm Beach Atlantic, and Palm Beach State College.