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Obtaining a degree in nursing can be very expensive.  Along with personal loans and federal funding, students are encouraged to seek other ways to fund their nursing education. There are a number of ways to pay for your education:


Federal Government Programs

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) from the U.S. Government is available to: All qualifying students (not just full-time or four-year college students). Any qualifying student, whether you go to a community college or private university. For information call 1-800-433-3243 or visit

Grants and scholarships

Grants and scholarships are monetary awards that are not required to be paid back and are often called “gift aid” or “free money.”  These awards may be based on financial need, student’s grades, or special talents. Churches, professional associations, cultural groups and hospitals often give local scholarships. Some organizations may require writing an essay, show proof of enrollment, attendance, and membership to the organization.  See the following organizations that may offer grants or scholarships.  Please research each website thoroughly prior to giving any personal information.


Florida Nursing Association:

Haitian American Nursing Association:

National Black Nurses Association:

American Nurses Association:

Career Source Florida:

Army ROTC Scholarship Opportunities:

Campus RN:

College Scholarships:

Hispanic Scholarship Fund:


Navy/Marine ROTC Scholarship Opportunities and Application:

Nurse Web Search:

Sigma Theta Tau International:


Loans are money borrowed for your education. They are paid back when the program is completed.  Loans can come in two forms; from a financial institution (Banks or Credit Union (Federal) or a hospital.  Most banks and credit unions offer educational loans that are based on credit.  You will be responsible for making payment upon completion of your program in time stipulated by the financial institution. Loans offered by hospitals are in the form of a contract and students are expected to work for a period of time set by the hospital. Some hospitals offer this type to non-employees as well as employees.  This type of repayment is called “loan-forgiveness.” Contact the local hospitals in your area to see if they offer such a program.